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My book

Hi guys 

I have this book called Magic tree and the Dragon Shade it is the best book ever. It is about a boy called Kuki, Gabi and Blubek and a dog that can talk named Pudding.They go on adventures to find wooden things that are made out of a special tree that has magic powers. In this book it is a wooden doll that at full moon it will come to life and you have to say its name from backwards. It is a very powerful object , you tell it what  to say it happens. there is this dragon that wants to destroy everything. The children and the talking dog magic up two types of pils one to breathe underwater two when they get out of the water to breathe on land. The dog lost his lil to breathe inland so he had to stay in an aquarium and the dragon swallows the pil and he can breathe on water. The dragon destroys everything almost but the team beat him.I recommend this book to every one and the other parts swell. I rate it 5 out of 5. I like every part.

This is for arjun

this is because of your car ideas

This a pretty car daint it Arjun!!!!!!!!!!

In the comments tell my some information you know about cars ok It may seem abit to big.




these are all my favourite types of slime

My favourite one is the metalic gold slime its so godly


Should I give you the ingridients if you dont know how to make slime?

1. squeeze the small bottle of gold or silver glue into

1/2 cup measure

2. Add 1/2 cup of water to glue and stir to combine the gold 

or silver glue , clear glue and water.

3.Add glitter 

4. Add 1/2 cup of liquid starch to mixture.

Thats all for today


login out


Things I might start on

Because you guys like football I might do that in a few days

My next step

I've been thinking what should I do next tell me in the comments below and I'll do itcool

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